How SnapFIT overcomes USB-C Integration

The major criterion behind the inception of USB Type-C was to provide all in one solution to meet the integration needs of MacBook users. Hence, one can state that the Type-C port is rendered as a way to unify power and data. This particular port also gives you the ability to seek both audio and video connectivity. However, at present, the Type-C port isn’t doing any good. Rather it is creating a lot of integration issues for the MacBook users. As a result, it failed to come up to the expectations of a wide range of users. This is the reason most of the people who have embraced the USB Type-C ecosystem are facing compatibility issues. The creators of this type of USB port hailed that it would work perfectly well with all types of devices. On the contrary, the users are not clear what type of devices would connect with their MacBook. Therefore, one can easily ascertain that USB Type-C is lowering the overall functionality of this otherwise perfect device. After a comprehensive introduction, let’s dive into the various integration problems of USB Type-C and its possible solution.

Inability to use USB-C Ports

The cables and adapters for USB-C may or may not work depending on the features offered by your device.
Things get more complex with the introduction of alternative modes, which takes advantage of the USB-C form factor while offering more features.
People have collected different USB cables in the past and after switching to USB-C, all of these become useless. This is so, as they no longer plug directly into your Macbook.

Is there any Solution?

Yes! There are a couple of feasible solutions to this issue. The first option is to replace all the cables with those compatible with USB- Type C.
This may resolve the issue, but managing all such cables isn’t a simple task. In addition to this, you can also purchase some adapters.

Nevertheless, you need to buy a separate dongle for Ethernet and displays. This suggests that it isn’t viable to carry different types of dongles with you all the time.
Moreover, this may also turn out to be an expensive affair as you have to keep on buying multiple dongles. However, if you are looking for a more convenient and portable Macbook extension, SnapFit appears to be the most appropriate option to consider.
The adaptor comes with a variety of options including HDMI, SD slot, 3 USB A 3.0, and USB C. It can literally work with almost any device.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to limit the connectivity of your device, it would be wise to rely on the SnapFit.

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